Prozone Sports

Prozone Sports and LJMU joined together in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Client: Prozone Sports

Issue: Technical development

Session: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Project

Prozone Sports

Prozone Sports are the market leader in professional sport performance analysis. Prozone Sports strive to innovate so they stand out from competitors and set the benchmark for what can be achieved with objective and reliable performance insights.

Fast facts

  • The KTP exceeded expectations for the project

  • The Associate, Hector Ruiz, was given a permanent position at Prozone Sports following the project

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Work with us

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Project aims

Prozone Sports embarked on a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Football Exchange. The project aimed to improve performance analysis within the areas of match analysis, player recruitment and asset management.

The project

As part of the KTP, LJMU helped Prozone Sports interpret and apply meaningful patterns in complex and novel datasets. The knowledge and capability developed from the integration of multivariate statistics has markedly enhanced Prozone Sports' analytical offerings and improved its capacity to deliver customised predictive analytics to clients. 

Liverpool John Moores University also provided interdisciplinary research between mathematics and sports science. For example, LJMU provided conference publications, publications on analytical tools in sports science, as well as publications on the development and implementation of data scaling in mathematical and computer science journals.

"Overall, the KTP experience has been exceptional. It has allowed me to work on a very interesting and innovative project, while providing fantastic development opportunities that a normal job would be unlikely to give."

Hector Ruiz Fernandez -
KTP Associate at Prozone Sports