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Finding jobs in the green sector

Sustainable Businesses and Green Careers Insights Fair

Student Futures is excited to announce the Sustainable Businesses and Green Careers Insights Fair, taking place on Wednesday, March 13th 2024, from 12:00pm to 14:00pm at The Student Life Building.

This event offers students the 
opportunity to meet and network with guests representing 'Green Careers' areas. Attendees can explore the diverse range of opportunities for work experience and jobs in the sustainable sector. Whether you're a first year student or nearing graduation, all students from any program or year group are welcome to attend and discover the potential pathways available in a green economy.


Book a place for the Sustainable Businesses and Green Career Insights fair, Wednesday 13 March, 12 to 2pm

Below you can find a list of companies who are attending this years event. All businesses listed have a strong sustainability cause within their companies and you can find out what they're doing to make a difference below. 

2M Holdings
FCE Projects Limited
Green Switch Capital
Institute of Engineering and Technology 
Knowsley Borough Council
Leave Liverpool Tidy
LJMU - Natural Capital Hub
LJMU - Student Futures
LJMU - How Bad are Bananas? (Estates)
LJMU - Postgraduate Study
Merseyside BioBank
North West Cancer Research and Roberts Recycling Ltd
Pathways to Planning (Local Government Association)
RVT Group
Suez Recycling & Recovery UK Ltd
United Utilities PLC
Wigan Council

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Arete Zero Carbon




Green Switch Capital

Knauf Insulation

LJMU - Natural Capital Hub


LJMU - Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory

Merseyside BioBank

Morpheus VR

Omega Life


How green is your prospective employer?

When researching potential future employers online, add the company name +sustainability into an online search engine to quickly see if they have specific actions and resources in this area.

Free AI large language models like ChatGPT are also a good way to ask about companies and their sustainability records. Information is collected from sources across the internet but be mindful some information is not always 100% accurate and you should read guides on using these for researching to ensure a balanced view.

Think of any company or brand you like and take a deep dive into their sustainability information. If you are working part-time during your studies reach out to your part-time employers to find out more about their sustainability policies too.

Evidence for an organisation’s commitment to sustainability could include:

  • Net Zero/carbon neutral targets and pledges
  • membership of professional societies like IEMA
  • company-wide sustainability working groups and sustainability champions in each department
  • internal sustainability awards, and/or engagement with external awards and competitions
  • incorporating sustainability into organisational values and mission statements
  • support for environmental or social impact charities
  • social media posts on sustainability within their organisation

Check individual job profiles for further information about vacancy sources and specialist recruitment agencies.

Useful job websites