Leadership Consultancy

How can we work with your institution?

As part of our commitment to support educational leadership across our region, the Centre offers leadership expertise to schools and other educational institutions who require organisational interventions, leadership training and/or workforce development.

We use innovative organisational development techniques to identify workforce needs when co-developing training and supportive learning programmes that develop your employees and improve outcomes.

To discuss how we can support your institution further please contact the Head of Centre for Educational Leadership on s.r.slater@ljmu.ac.uk.

Some examples of areas, themes and practice where can deliver training in are:

  • emerging leaders in education
  • executive leadership in education
  • leading communities of practice
  • leading across teams and multi-disciplinary teams and collaborations
  • leading and coaching teams
  • coaching for leaders
  • leading a coaching network and third generation coaching
  • curriculum mentoring workshops
  • leading curriculum development
  • leading organisational interventions in education
  • leading and managing budgets and finance in education
  • leading and developing governance
  • leading research networks in FE
  • diversity leadership
  • leading uncertainty
  • ethical leadership in education
  • influencing in education (neuro-psychology)