MBA Educational Leadership

A bold, ambitious, and pioneering MBA programme.

The MBA in Educational Leadership guides and prepares senior and emerging leaders across the education sector to connect business practice and educational ambition with and for people and communities. Throughout the programme our philosophical approach adopts and applies an explorative look at how education makes a difference across and alongside communities. We seek to challenge and appreciate the components of a socially just, sustainable education system and explore a range of issues through the perspective of the transformation of others.

The learning experience over 30 months part-time includes:

  • an immersive learning module each year - four days on campus at Spring Break (Easter) in Year 1 and then again in Year 2
  • an annual conference
  • direct live online delivery on alternate Wednesdays
  • one-to-one tutorials with Personal and Leadership Tutors
  • interactive materials in a virtual learning environment

The MBA programme provides an exciting opportunity to reflect on research informed knowledge exchange, that can have a direct impact on the way in which educational leaders impact on the people and communities they serve. From leadership psychology through to marketing strategy, from performance and data analytics through to leading people and communities, the programme strives to provide a critically reflective engagement with the purpose of educational leadership and the many competing and arguably contested perspectives in this arena and engage leaders with the conceptual understanding and the diverse skillsets to respond to the challenges of educational leadership.

Our teaching and learning approaches are flexible and authentic to support and appreciate the professional commitments of our educational leaders. We seek to deliver innovative curricula that anticipates societal issues and the future needs of young people, employment, and education. We develop agency through our breadth of delivery where learners both collectively and independently develop.

We offer dynamic and creative supported learning opportunities through:

  • immersive modules on campus
  • live online delivery once per fortnight (alternate Wednesdays)
  • technology Enhanced Learning experiences
  • individual leadership academic tutoring
  • expert Practitioner support throughout our modules
  • action Learning methodologies to support peer reflection
  • applied Learning approaches
  • contextual assessments that are functional and appropriate

Throughout the programme assessments will include:

  • portfolios
  • role play
  • posters
  • presentations

Culminating in a significant project that integrates the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the programme. This innovative consultancy research project is the equivalent of a dissertation and will support applied leadership learning that has an impact on professional practice.

The MBA in Educational Leadership will benefit educational leaders in many ways:

  • improving business skills, with a solid foundation in finance, operations, and strategic planning
  • expanding networks, supporting interaction with leading professionals in the field
  • enhancing leadership skills, through strategic thinking, decision-making and innovative consultancy

For your career, your future, the MBA will facilitate opportunities for improvement and advancement across the spectrum of roles in educational leadership.