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The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) research area at LJMU has a rich history. It has produced world leading results for its research in manufacturing, measurement and metrology. We have some impressive facilities covering a wide range of manufacturing processes, measurement and testing. The oldest section of the team has its roots grounded in abrasive technologies such as grinding, but more recently has excelled at developing vibratory surface finishing using recycled glass.

Electronic manufacturing has been represented at LJMU through several UK government and European funded development schemes for companies, to help implement new technologies such as surface mount technology, lead-free solder, and to meet regulations such as Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Recently the team has produced some through lifetime reliability test results than will inform future design, manufacture and prognostics for automotive electronics. Laser manufacturing is making great strides in processing composites, textured or functional surfaces with a wide variety of industrial applications. Key to many of our solutions is the application of advanced mathematics, signal processing and control algorithms to solve difficult manufacturing and measurement problems.

Operating under one roof as GERI we can provide a unique skills mix to help solve any industrial or academic problem. We have recently had requests and have started work with international researchers in Belgium, China, France, Germany, Ireland, India, the Netherlands, Poland, as well as working with over 100 companies locally over the past 10 years.

Examples of current project areas

  • Lifetime reliability assessment and prognostics of manufactured automotive electronics
  • Non-destructive testing and sensing using ultrasound, X-ray and various custom measurement systems
  • Sustainable superfinishing using vitrified recycled glass
  • Novel application of vibration during grinding
  • Digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0
  • Advanced laser processing and texturing for anti-fouling, cell harvesting, and aerospace composites.
  • Laser polishing of Additively Manufactured components

Researchers at AMT recognise that the increasing industrial need for improved product quality and productivity, along with reduced cost, demands a multi-disciplinary approach to help advance manufacturing technology, which also values environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

It is this innate understanding of modern industrial processes that has attracted a range of national and international companies to work with AMT, including: Rolls-Royce, the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Delphi, Element Six, Vibraglaz, Kistler, Holroyd, Ford, JLR, ABL, Finishing Techniques, Cinetic and Neuteq.

Historically, researchers working in AMT areas have produced novel electronic processors for signal processing and control of acquired signals, including: Laser Doppler Systems, fibre-optic strain sensors, acoustic sensing and advanced signal processing.

GERI has excelled as a group in the UK government research assessments since 1996. In the latest research assessment (Research Excellence Framework 2014), 79.5% of GERI publications were classified as internationally excellent


GERI has well developed research laboratories with a range of specialist equipment. The capabilities range from general purpose machine shop facilities to advanced digital manufacturing and measurement systems.  Many of our systems are novel in-house designs and/or supplemented by unique measurement and signal processing expertise. All equipment is available for joint R and D projects with suitable partners. All LJMU researchers can have access to all equipment subject to prior operational and health and safety training.


Here you can see a tour of the AMT lab facilities at GERI:

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Call: +44 (0)151 231 2001


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