Forensic Psychology Research Theme

Exploring criminal behaviour from the perspectives of causation, assessment, treatment, and management; plus, an examination of factors that help desist from crime.

We conduct high-quality research on diverse topics such as understanding offending behaviour and crime, bystander behaviour and intervention, prevention of crime and victimization, eyewitness memory and investigative interviewing, and intervention with victims, offenders, and vulnerable populations. We use a range of methods (for example qualitative research, quantitative research, and mixed methods research) and approaches ranging from experimental to field studies. Further, our research has close links to other areas of psychology such as criminal and investigative psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology.

Our members are currently engaged in research projects addressing topics such as:

  • the link between dark triad personality traits and offending behaviour
  • bystander behaviours in bias-based bullying and harassment
  • intervention in cases of domestic abuse and stalking
  • terrorism and Cybercrime
  • preventing sexual and gender-based violence
  • developing new techniques to enhance eyewitness memory and improve police investigations
  • examination of adversity, wellbeing and support among marginalised groups
  • desistance, recovery and pathways into and out of substance use and crime

We have strong cross-disciplinary links with other academics and national/international universities and are active in the academic community, namely by leading international research projects, authoring high-quality research, and working as editors and members of the editorial board for Journals on this field. Our group also comprises chartered forensic psychologists and has strong links with practitioners namely in the Prison and Probation Services, the NHS, and the Police. Our research is funded by various sources, which include the British Academy, UKRI, the Leverhulme Foundation, the NHS, and the Police.

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Teaching and learning


Meet the researchers within this theme:

We welcome the opportunity to supervise PhD students interested in any of the following topics:

  • Dark Triad personalities and offending behaviour, specifically, sexual coercion, abuse, and interpersonal violence
  • An examination of primary and secondary sexual violence prevention approaches
  • Desistance from sexual violence
  • Intimate Partner Violence  

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