Critical Pedagogies

Generating research and ideas for alternative and critical futures

The analytic and research contexts for this CERES research theme are the post-compulsory areas of further, higher, adult, vocational, community and informal education. The Critical Pedagogies research group has members with external research links to: the European Educational Research Association (EERA); the British Educational Research Association, (BERA); the Association for Research in Post Compulsory Education (ARPCE); Teacher Educators in Lifelong Learning (TELL); and, the Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity network (CDSS). As an outward-facing, active and university-wide research group, Critical Pedagogies also welcomes affiliations with academics and researchers at other universities, HEIs, FE colleges and professional associations for FE, as well as other associated formal and informal structures of education, (contact Craig Hammond for more details). With a keen interest in praxis, the group embraces educational theory, philosophy and/or pedagogical practices, which recognise and pursue innovative, dynamic and creative approaches to knowledge exchange, collaboration and democratic engagement. As a non-exhaustive baseline, the research group recognises critical, utopian, social, technological, vocational and hybrid pedagogies, as well as historical and historiographical analyses of past, present and future permutations of pedagogy and post-compulsory education. Within this, current and anticipated writing and research projects encompass either broad-based and multiple contexts, or work specifically within one of the sub-themes. Current areas of focus and research aims:

  • Research collaborations with FE colleges and College Based Higher Education (CBHE)
  • Innovative pedagogies within/across the sectors
  • New theories and models of leadership
  • Democratic knowledge (and collaborative student engagement)
  • Historical and historiographical analyses and critiques   
  • Technologies for empowerment
  • Community education
  • Policy, discourse and legislation
  • Prison and education       


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